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Our mission is to educate students and provide them the information, resources, and network to take advantage of the budding cannabis industry.
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Get the information you need to succeed in the cannabis industry. Learn about co-op's and the donation model of business as well as the recreational retail model.
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Operating a cannabis shop takes a lot of planning and preparing. Learn from the pros and avoid the potholes on your way to profits. Our speakers are experts and professionals in their field - both locally and from the Northwest region.
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The Alaska Cannabis Institute delivers powerful, relevant information for attendees. Seminar seats are limited and are filling up quick. Reserve your seat today by calling 907-331-0506

Welcome to the Alaska Cannabis Institute

Welcome to the Alaska Cannabis Institute and the exciting CannaBiz industry. The opportunity to enter an industry on the ground floor comes around very rarely in most peoples lives.  Many say it is no longer a question of whether cannabis will be legalized in the US, rather a question of when and how it will be legalized. Alaska will vote in November, 2014 to allow adults, 21 and older, to own, smoke and buy cannabis. If passed, Alaska will become the third state to legalize retail marijuana following Colorado and Washington.

The Alaska Cannabis Institute is excited to lead the way by offering two-day seminars to educate Alaskan’s about opening a Cannabis Business, or CannaBiz. Day 1 will cover the legalization of marijuana, marijuana tax policy, and the juxtaposition between Alaska and Federal marijuana law and policies. Day 1 also features a comprehensive overview on setting-up and running a CannaBiz while maintaining compliance. Topics to be covered include: CannaBiz planning, CannaBiz accounting, CannaBiz banking, CannaBiz site selection, and more.

Day 2 will present a comprehensive overview of marijuana horticulture and growing. It is so important for anybody getting involved with the cannabis industry to have a broad understanding of how to grow marijuana. The Alaska Cannabis Institute provides: information on setting up an indoor grow for year-round production, garden calendars and checklists, lighting options and electricity savings. Day 2 also examines lab testing for contaminants and potency as well as an advanced overview of point-of-sale software which will track your product from seed-to-sale.

The Alaska Cannabis Institute is proud to partner with and provide access to industry leaders. Lecturers include local marijuana experts, as well as professionals from Washington State and Colorado. There will be a Q&A panel at the end of each day to answer all of your specific questions, as well as a networking event at the end of Day 1. You will have direct access to lawyers, accountants, dispensary owners, master growers and other industry experts for only a portion of what you might normally pay these same professionals for their professional advice.

People are often so eager to get started in the cannabis industry, that they don’t learn the important info they need. Ensure your business is a success and take the time to gain the knowledge, resources, and network you need to succeed with your CannaBiz. Knowledge is mandatory in the Green Rush. Don’t get a flat tire by running into a “pothole”. Enroll in this 2-day seminar and get the tools you need to succeed in the growing CannaBiz Industry. Reserve Your Seat Today

The Alaska Cannabis Institute is approached by Alaska business people and entrepreneurs everyday. There is clearly a demand for education and the reason is because there’s a lot of money to be made in Alaska’s cannabis industry. There are successful businesses in this space that are already making a considerable amount of money. Our seminars offer people a leg-up on their competition. To get in at the beginning is a powerful thing and people know it. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the ground level of this industry. Reserve Your Seat Today